What qualifications do your SUP instructors have?

First, our instructors personally must have a minimum of two years of stand up paddling experience. Our instructors maintain a minimum fitness level which they periodically demonstrate by a timed fitness test (which includes a swim test).  In addition, our instructors are Advanced First Aid/CPR and Lifeguard certified. Finally, all instructors are certified as SUP Instructor Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 through an approved professional organization, and have completed on-water coaching workshops.

Where do you teach stand up paddleboarding lessons?

Our lessons take place mostly at the north end of Morro Bay Harbor. Depending on tidal currents and winds, we may move lessons elsewhere, but a lesson will always be within the protected inner harbor. Most often we will meet and launch our boards at Coleman Park beach, off Embarcadero just north of the Coast Guard building across from the three stacks of the power plant.

When are stand up paddleboard lessons offered?

We teach SUP lessons any day of the week, weather permitting. Lessons take place during morning hours mostly, but we will work with you if you are not free any morning of the week.

Should I take a private lesson or join a group lesson?

A private lesson is great for a person who wants one-on-one attention, has some form of physical challenge, is self conscious about his/her ability, or for someone who already has some experience with stand up paddling and has a particular skill that they wish to focus on. A private lesson is also recommended for age extremities. Group lessons are fun, and some folks have told us that it helps to watch others as they are learning a skill. Group lessons work best with individuals who are family members, friends or coworkers.

How many people can be in a group lesson?

Our Level 1 lessons are limited to 8 students.

Do you offer youth SUP lessons or classes?

We love teaching SUP to kids. Children may attend a lesson with adults, or they can take a group lesson. As a rule, we don’t offer private lessons to children (but we have made exceptions). We are working on a youth program for the near future.

What should I wear for my lesson?

You can wear any non-cotton clothing that you feel comfortable in, but we strongly recommend wearing a wetsuit. We provide a wetsuit for you at no extra cost, but you can wear your own if you have one.

What are the chances that I will fall in the water?

It is common to go in the water once or twice. It is good to be comfortable with water, and even enjoy being in the water if you are taking up the sport of stand up paddling. However, if you are opposed to getting wet, we will do our best to keep you dry!

Will we be going out into the ocean or deep water?

We will not be going into open ocean environment. Your lesson will take place within the protected inner harbor. The water is deepest in the navigable channel, but we will be paddling in shallow areas.

Are there sharks or dangerous animals in the water?

We commonly see small sharks that don’t concern us. Jellyfish are rare and we have never had a jellyfish sting. There are many species of fish in the harbor including rays. We have never had an incident involving a marine animal.

Can I take a lesson with my child?

We love doing lessons with children. You are welcome to include your child 8 years or older in a lesson. Children learn the same skills as adults and are very capable on a properly sized board.

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