Paddleboard Lessons

Thanks for your interest in Morro Bay stand up paddleboard lessons! We offer lessons for the beginner, intermediate and advanced stand up paddler! Feel free to call with questions if you are unsure what lesson would be best for you to enroll in.

Morro Bay Stand Up Paddleboarding is Morro Bay’s trusted source for quality instruction. We have successfully introduced thousands of students from eight to 80 years old to the sport of stand up paddleboarding. We credit our success to our student-centered approach to instruction. This means that each and every stand up paddle lesson is flexible and tailored to the interests, needs, and abilities of the student. We make sure that each student gains the level of skill that they hoped to gain from the lesson. We also take care not to push a student beyond his or her comfort zone without permission.

Many people start out by asking if a lesson is even necessary. It’s a good question! Our usual response to that question is this: if you plan on going out just once, and you probably won’t ever stand up paddle ever again, then no, you don’t need a lesson. However, if you wish to make stand up paddling your new sport, hobby, or fitness platform, then yes, a lesson is a very good idea! In addition to learning to paddle the right way, you’ll learn the rules for paddling in a navigable channel, self-rescue, how to find the predicted winds and tides, and much more.

Morro Bay harbor is the perfect place to take stand up paddleboard lessons. The inner harbor is protected flat water and free of strong currents and waves. There is a diversity of wildlife to enjoy while paddling, and the scenery is breathtaking. Also, it is relatively predictable in terms of weather and tidal currents. That helps us to plan the very best time to take you out on the water. It’s also a perfect place for a lesson because we encounter a variety of environments and situations as we paddle. These experiences help prepare you for future paddle sessions when you may be paddling alone.

Our instructors are patient, caring, highly skilled, certified, and very experienced teachers. Instructors teach to the level at which they have earned certification. Come enjoy Morro Bay paddleboarding with us!