Paddle Stroke Technique Coaching

Quick Details

Users Capacity 1 person

Water Skill Level: Beginner

Hour Glass Duration: 2 hours

Improve Your Paddle Stroke

The Level 1 Paddle Stroke lesson is for a paddler who has taken a Level 1 lesson previously and has been paddling for a while. We focus on improving your stand up paddle stroke phase by phase. We work on each of the five phases of the stroke one at a time, and progress to the next phase only when a paddle stroke error has been corrected. Having an efficient paddle stroke will make you faster if you are interested in racing, or you are paddling for fitness. Learning to paddle correctly will also help reduce chronic shoulder injuries.

The paddle stroke lesson starts with a video analysis of your paddle stroke to determine where paddling errors occur. The instructor will record about 15 minutes of video footage from different angles. You and the instructor will then look over the printed summary and view the video segments to identify incorrect technique. The instructor will then spend an hour with you on the water, and will use a variety of drills to correct any paddle stroke errors that you may have. This Paddle Stroke lesson is taught by a trained and experienced instructor who has earned certification as Technical Coach by Academy of Surfing Instructors (ASI).

It is very important to have a good foundation of basic SUP skills before working on your paddle stroke. The ability to maintain balance and perform the basic turning strokes is really important to have before you focus on the nuances of the paddle stroke. If you have not yet had a basic skills lesson, you should consider starting with our SUP level 1 lesson before advancing to a stroke clinic. Our Morro Bay stand up paddleboard lessons can help you advance to the next level!

What to Bring

  • Water
  • Sunscreen

The Paddle Stroke lesson is for someone who has taken a lesson previously and has been paddling for a while.