Bonnie came in looking for a board that she could use for distance and fitness paddling, and one that she could easily carry her daughter, and often her dog. We set her up with the Americana touring board, a 12′ x 31″ wide board by POP Paddleboards. It was a perfect fit! Bonnie can be found paddling frequently just about any morning.
How long have you been stand up paddling?
On and off for several years, fully addicted for 6 months and counting.

What do you love about SUP?

Slack tide, no wind, sunset. The realization that the Earth and Moon had to reach a
point in their dance with the tides to still the water beneath my feet. Life doesn’t get
much better than this. But there are so many beautiful moments. Every day on the water is a gift!

What was your scariest moment on the water?

Sometimes nature decides to re-write the story on the fly. A beautiful day turned
into a monster strong tide and wind out of nowhere. I may or may not have been
rescued by harbor patrol. Lesson learned: Any time in nature should be spent with
respect for a greatness that loves you, and wants to eat you, all at the same time!

What are some of your Goals?

To play with friends and family (and my dog) on the water as much as possible. My
8 year-old daughter just got her first board, a Guru by POP Paddleboards from MBSUP. Love it! Looking forward to many years of paddling with my growing girl, and to catching some waves on her board as well!

What is your Paddling Motto?

Have fun, be safe, and respect our beautiful gift of nature and all of its inhabitants.
See you on the water!



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