SUP Level 1 – Flat Water Basics


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The SUP Level 1- Flat Water Basics lesson is a beginner paddleboard lesson. It is recommended if you have never taken a lesson before, even if you have been paddling for some time. This lesson takes place in ideal conditions (no texture on the water with winds under 5 MPH), on protected flat water. The emphasis during a Level 1 lesson is on the basics of stand up paddling, SUP equipment, waterway rules and regulations, safety, and most of all- FUN! We introduce the phases of a proper paddle stroke but we don’t try to perfect your stroke in this lesson. You’ll learn beginner, intermediate, and advanced turning strokes, and you’ll learn a great deal about the paddling environment of Morro Bay harbor.

The first part of this beginner paddleboard lesson is devoted to helping you become comfortable on the stand up paddleboard, learning to maintain balance, and learning to use the most basic strokes to control the board. Once you are more relaxed, we start our tour of the harbor while progressively adding skills. We maintain a student-centered approach to our lessons- we go at your speed and we stay within your comfort zone. When you feel ready to advance, we add additional skill sets.  If you have been paddling for a while, and you have taken a lesson previously, you may be interested in taking the Level 1 Paddle Stroke lesson instead. This lesson focus is more on paddle stroke perfection.

Cost of lesson includes wetsuit, equipment rental, and one free hour rental to use at a later time!


  Private (1:1) = $90

  Two to four students = $65/person

   Five to eight students = $55/person